PhotoFlash Capacitors - Pulse Xenon flash strobe Electrolytic ESR 360v

PhotoFlash Capacitors

«PHOTOFLASH» is a classification for Electrolytic capacitors that are specially made for the Xenon flash indstry.
This rating features a few benefits like: Low ESR, High current capability, Fast pulse discharge capability

Our PHOTOFLASH Capacitors are profesionally manufactured and strictly controlled, to assure the best performance.

The use of Photoflash type capacitors is common in applications like Laser pumping, Coilguns and Railguns.
Photoflash capacitors are sometimes referred as Foto capacitor, Blitz capacitor, fotoblitz kondensator

Capacitors are used to store the energy that will power the flash. They are charged slowly, and discharged by the flash.
To find out what capacitors you need, use the Flash Capacitor Energy calculator.