Custom Product project

In case you are developing a new product which uses a Flash Lamp, we can offer a fully-customized flashtube, that will fit your project in every aspect possible.

The main advantage of customizing your Flash Lamp is securing your supply chain with a consistent part, instead of relying on existing models that can be discontinued one day.
You are of course benefiting of tight tolerances, and maximizing compatibility to your product housing, electrical parameters, etc.

Replacement Lamps

Our customization service can also be used for existing flashtube models that no longer can be purchased, you can send us your specific lamp details or a physical sample for us to analyze.

After inspection, a product drawing and detailed parameter-list will be populated, for our production line.


Mandatory information for Flash Lamp design

  • Flash Lamp shape: Linear/Circular/U-shape/Spiral
  • Application: Photography/warning light/IPL/Laser/Stage light
  • Per-Flash Energy (or capacitor size and voltage)
  • Flash Frequency: How often the lamp is fired
  • Key measurements: Length, diameter, etc.

Extra, useful details

It will be useful to know the following details as well for a better suited lamp design:

  • Envelope material: Glass or Quartz
  • Operating voltage: The capacitor charge voltage

Ready to start ?

Please fill the following request form, so we can reply with our offer

Lamp Design request form

Existing Lamp photo/drawing

Existing Lamp photo/drawing

Fill your required lamp dimensions (in mm) according to the relevant drawing (click to view diagram)