Custom Flash systems design

We are specializing in customization and design of modern Xenon Flash Systems and Driver Modules.

Whatever your application field, and custom requirements, our Dev. team will be at your disposition for integrating all your needed features into a modern, compact Flash driver module.

Customization is available at many levels - Main PCB board, daughter-board, Enclosure and power supply.

Part of what we are designing

  • High-Speed Video lighting: Long pulse duration Flash systems for illuminating high-framerate video for scientific experiments
  • BioMetric cameras, Document security Lighting systems for security imaging capture devices
  • PhotoBooth Lighting Compact professional photography studio lighting
  • Stroboscopes, Timing lights Accurate timing pulsed light
  • Lighting effects & Shows All sort of special Flash effects for shows, exhibitions and special events

Prototyping steps

For early prototypes or "proof-of-concept" stages, we are usually able to provide a modified stock system or module that will be adapted manually to your unique project requirements, allowing an ultra-fast turnaround time, sometimes available within 1-2 days. This allows a low-cost, quick first prototype that can be in your hands within just a few days.

After further experimentation and verification, a customized PCB can be designed, integrating the chosen features and capabilities of the Flash driver, while coordinating all interfaces to other existing product's boards.

Flash Module board properties

Mandatory information for Flash system design

  • Flash system application: Photography/warning light/IPL/Laser/Stage light
  • Input voltage: What available power source do you have for powering the system
  • Per-Flash Energy How bright do you need the flash output to be
  • Flash Frequency: How often the lamp is fired
  • Trigger method: Repeating strobe / external trigger signal
  • Variable Energy/duration: Do you need to control the flash energy or need a fixed setting

Ready to start ?

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