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U HorseShoe Flash Lamps

U Horseshoe Xenon Flash tube lamp drawing
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U-Shape (Horse Shoe) Flash tube Lamps - for Photography, signaling, warning lights.

Curving the Flash tube envelope allows keeping a long Arc Length, having a larger envelope area, while benefiting of a short pin-to-pin distance. It allows a more efficient PCB design, a smaller device enclosure.

Curved Flash Lamps are often used for sintering or germicidal treatment application thanks to the high Energy-Density (concentration on a small surface area)

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FT-ST-U25w-15 Glass 50J 250-500v 6 35 15  
U-110 Glass 50J 250-500v 6 50 16  
U-8538 Glass 60J 250-500v 8.3 50 17  
HPU-6058 Quartz 2000J 300-700v 10 78 17 120
HPU-8089 Quartz 4000J 300-700v 14 83 35 120