Capacitor Energy Calculator

This Calculator easily allows you to make the math for Energy stored in Flash Capacitors.
You can easily know what Energy is stored in a particular capacitor, or calculate your needed capacitor values.

Instructions: Choose your suitable calculator type, enter the two variable values, and press "calculate".

What is the stored Energy ? (enter both values)
Capacitor Voltage: Volts
Capacitor Capacitance: uF (MicroFarads)

Stored Energy = 0 Joules

What capacitor should I use ? (enter both values)
Wanted Energy: Joules
Capacitor Voltage: Volts

Needed Capacitance: = 0 uF (MicroFarads)

Energy stored in a capacitor is expressed as: E = ½ C*V2

E = Energy in WattSeconds or Joules
C = Capacitance of storage capacitor in Farads
V = Charged capacitor voltage in Volts


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