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Heavy Flash Wire 14AWG BLACK Quality 200°C silicone


1m (3.3ft) length 600v Heavy gauge, flexible multi-strand wire for Flash Lamps


($4.80 per Meter)

Volume pricing

Quantity Price Savings
5 $4.46 Up to $1.68
20 $4.03 Up to $15.36

600v rated Heavy gauge silicone-insulation wire, multi-strand, very flexible.
Used for wiring Xenon Flash lamps to Capacitor banks. Low-resistance wire for maximum current capacity, and minimizing losses.
Suitable for High-current application such as Batteries, Capacitor banks, Coilguns, Railguns, IPL, Capacitor discharge circuits and other pulsed application.

High temperature resistant up to 200°C

Sale unit is 1m. Any quantity will be supplied as a single length (uncut) piece.