5v-6v to 340v capacitor charger Schematic circuit diagram

This extremely low parts-count circuit will charge any capacitor to about 340 volts, from 5v or 6v input only !

It is compatible for charging photo-flash capacitors for high energy portable photography flash DIY units,
and also for miniature repeating strobe powered on batteries.
other uses may also include coilguns and other high-voltage applications.

Parts list and availability:

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Xenon Flash driver design basic guidelines

A whole process happens in just Micro-Seconds !

To best describe the process happening in a typical flash circuit, we have made an animation showing it in steps. (To start from the beginning, press Ctrl+F5 )

xenon flash tube principle


Input Flash Energy = Power Light Output

The light output of a flashtube is a function of the electrical energy stored in the storage capacitor. Continue reading