Xenon Flash Power supply Driver Modules, Charging boards circuit kits

Flash Driver Modules

XenonFlashTubes is a leading developer and supplier of Xenon Flash Driver boards and power supply modules for running strobe systems.
Strobe modules are defined by the Lamp's usage pattern: usually either High Power Single-Pulse, or - Low power High Flashrate.

Flash driver boards basically consist of: a Capacitor-charging power supply module, a trigger circuit that will fire the lamp, an Energy-storage capacitor.
Depending on the complexity of application, a Pulse-forming circuit may be used to control the output curve, various controls and indicators can provide integration in different system environments.

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Active filters

  • Charge rate (Max): 10J/S
  • 12v Power Strobe Complete board for...


    REV:3.0  - A medium power lo-energy, high repetition Xenon strobe, suitable for Warning lights and stage effects.
    Repeating strobe - the module flashes repeatingly while it is powered
    On-demand single flash - a pulse fed to the module will trigger a flash

  • 5v Optical slave trigger Flash Kit for...


    A DIY assembly kit for Optically-triggered ("slave") Photography Flash unit, powered by 5v-6v (4xAA batteries)

  • Chain Chaser Strobe - Sequence animated...


    A unique strobe sequencer systems featuring 8 Xenon lamps per board, creates mesmerizing eye-catching effect for advertisement, shows, signaling and security.
    12v-powered, Expandable up to 128 boards, 7 animation patterns, adjustable flash rate.