5v-6v to 340v capacitor charger Schematic circuit diagram

This extremely low parts-count circuit will charge any capacitor to about 340 volts, from 5v or 6v input only !

It is compatible for charging photo-flash capacitors for high energy portable photography flash DIY units,
and also for miniature repeating strobe powered on batteries.
other uses may also include coilguns and other high-voltage applications.

Parts list and availability:

This kit involves High Voltage which is stored in capacitors even after turning the unit off. Never touch any of the components and always discharge the capacitor before working on it. Always keep in a well insulated project enclosure.


One thought on “5v-6v to 340v capacitor charger Schematic circuit diagram

  1. Are you aware if your 1500uf 360v capacitor would fit in the Metz45 handle. I am assuming this is the issue wuth mine since the circuit is charging but doesn’t seems to load the capacitor to the top and trigger the flash in the ready mode.

    Also any in on the direct high voltage circuit use by since they apparently required a340v and an 8v conection on their CL-04. Since I have seen your transformer I was considering a pattery pack with the fastest recycling time .I am guessing that you may know 😉

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